Tesla Pickup Truck

Revolution in car industry. We presume that this is a sentence that you have heard so many times before. However, this could come with its true meaning. Fast-growing company introduced several revolutionary design solutions so far, but this brings it on a whole new level. We are sure that Tesla Pickup Truck will definitely be the biggest challenge for the company. There are so many reasons for this claim. Simply, this will be a so revolutionary change that it is extremely hard to predict how truck drivers could receive this all-new, all-electric truck, which will bring so many unconventional design solutions. Although we didn’t get official confirmation, our reliable sources claim that company gave a green light for this model. It is completely unknown how long development could last, so we won’t make predictions about release date at this moment.

Tesla Pickup Truck design and features

Tesla Pickup Truck 01Well, Tesla Pickup Truck will surely be something extremely revolutionary. There are so many challenges in front of this model, and we even don’t know where to start. When it comes to truck’s design, we get some reports about tasks that management have for engineers. According to these reports, new vehicle should come with following design characteristics. First of all, it will be a full-size truck, which will compete with conventional truck like F-150, Silverado etc. In terms of body style, it should come with extended cab and four-door configurations, and it should come with two bed configurations – with size of 5.5 and 7 feet. It must have towing capacity over 10.000 pounds, while some rumors say about 13-14.000 pounds and similar numbers. When it is about payload, it should go around 3000 pounds. The Tesla Pickup Truck also must have range over 150 miles, under full load.

Tesla Pickup Truck 02Tesla Pickup Truck challenges

There will be many challenges for company’s engineers, not only technical but also in some other aspects. We have no doubt that this kind of truck can be created, but one of the biggest challenges will be its price. Simply, conventional truck have starting price of 30.000 dollars. So, if Tesla Pickup Truck come with all those mentioned characteristics, it still have to feature decent price. In our opinion, base model shouldn’t go over 40.000 dollars. Another thing is about market. In states that truck are popular, Tesla cars doesn’t mark such great results. So, company will also need plenty of logistic supports to make this truck successful.

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