Skoda Pickup Truck Concept – Still Far From Production

Skoda pickup truck concept is getting closer to production. Ever since Volkswagen took over the Czech company, its popularity is growing. Skoda entered the SUV and crossover classes. Rebadged and cheaper versions of VW’s models are more affordable for buyers in Europe. The next step is expanding the business to the truck market. First concepts are there. Well, Funstar is far away from something we could see in production. But, it might show us the way of development. We also need to pay attention to Volkswagen’s moves. The new Atlas Tanoak is the first pickup for the US market, while the Amarok remains the model for other markets. It could be rebadged to become the first ever Skoda truck.

It is for sure that VW will give a strong push to Skoda pickup truck concept. But, there is also another option – building a new vehicle and using the existing drivetrains. Skoda’s SUV lineup is praised for its performance and design, so we can expect the same from a truck. Furthermore, some of the ideas could come from students that designed the Skoda Funstar concept. The subcompact pickup would be a refresh for the market full of mid-size trucks.

skoda pickup truck concept

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Engines

We will start with the Funstar prototype. Three years ago, a group of Czech students designed a vehicle that would belong to the pickup segment. They took Fabia as the base for further modifications and conversion to a pickup truck. This all happened three years ago. The company still stays firm about with decision not to produce Funstar pickup. However, the Skoda pickup truck concept could adopt some solutions from this idea.

Fans were thrilled about it. But still, the prototype we saw is obviously far away from something we can see on the streets. Well, the silver and green paint job is eye-catching. Skoda Fabia is borrowing some parts, such as grille and B pillars. The bed is also interesting. The small box is not offering plenty of space. Custom wheels are used only for the premiere of the concept. Definitely, the production version of the Skoda pickup truck will have rims that are more ordinary.

skoda pickup truck concept engine

Under the hood of the Funstar concept was a 1.2-liter engine. This unit is good for 100 hp and it is not the best one if you want to tow a lot. Well, the small bed can’t take too much cargo. The engine can create up to 130 lb-ft of torque, depending on configuration. The good thing about this powertrain is gas mileage. A truck with fuel consumption of a hatchback? Perfect.

Skoda pickup truck vs VW Amarok

Definitely, the closest idea to come true is a rebadging of the Volkswagen Amarok. The truck is already popular in Europe, Australia, and South America. For the US market, the German carmaker is preparing the premiere of the Atlas Tanoak pickup. It is a whole different world for these vehicles, so Skoda pickup truck concept is not planned for this market.

Amarok is a pretty versatile truck. It offers both petrol and diesel engines. The smallest one is a gasoline 2.0 unit that produces 160 hp and 220 lb-ft of torque. Turbocharger helps VW Amarok achieve so much power.

skoda pickup truck concept rear view

Diesel range starts with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine. Turbocharged, it can create 140 hp. Bi-turbo setup launches the output to 160 hp. Also, the torque level jumps from 340 Nm (250 lb-ft) to 400 Nm (295 pound-feet). Another setup of this bi-turbo diesel engine adds 20 hp and 15 lb-ft of twisting power. The last unit was added in 2016. It is a 3.0-liter Bluemotion engine with 400 pound-feet of torque and power range between 160 and 220 hp.

skoda pickup truck concept side view


The interior is the highlight of the model with very good access. The layout is another thing Skoda pickup truck concept can adopt from its existing sibling. Amarok can take for five passengers without worries about leg and headroom. Skoda truck will definitely take the same dimensions (5,2 meters long; 3,1 m wheelbase, 1,95 m width, 1,8 m height). Of course, the latest safety measures will be there. ABS, ASR, and ESP are standard in Amarok.

Skoda pickup truck could also borrow some of the high-end packages from its sibling. Do not be surprised if we see the truck with 18-inch alloy wheels, or automatic air conditioning system. Bi-xenon LED daytime running lights are available, as well as the ParkPilot parking system and a rearview camera.

skoda pickup truck concept interior

Skoda Pickup Truck Concept Production, Price, Future

The production model of the Skoda pickup truck concept is not going to appear any time soon. We could see the first prototypes in 2020 or 2021. Well, these won’t be similar to the Funstar platform. Still, there are few other premieres Skoda and VW had to finish before they move to the new model. SUVs and crossovers are more popular nowadays, so the focus is on these segments. Anyway, we are aware of the company’s interest in building a truck. The Czech carmaker is expanding very fast and besides the pickup, the future will be more interesting projects and innovations. 

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