Skoda Pickup concept is based on VW Atlas Tanoak

Skoda already had a pickup vehicle. However, it was a caddy, not a truck. Now, the company is looking forward to announcing the new concept. We know about Vision X crossover, but there are few other Visions. Now, the Skoda Pickup concept will probably pick a similar name. By adding a pickup truck to its lineup, the company will make a step forward to complete its lineup of vehicles. After this one, we could expect an exotic car or a roadster.

The cooperation with Volkswagen revived the Czech company. Reliable engines, durable parts, safe and comfortable interior are what Skoda offers now. Also, as its partner, manufacturer from the Czech Republic is expanding its lineup. The Skoda Pickup concept will definitely have an idol in Amarok. Also, two companies could share some ideas with new concepts, since VW introduced the new Atlas Tanoak truck.

Skoda pickup concept front

Skoda Pickup concept is detuned VW Atlas Tanoak

Recently, we could see the presentation of the new VW truck. It is Atlas Tanoak. Since its debut was at the car show in New York, this will be the new pickup for this market. Volkswagen will check in. On the other hand, a similar concept could be used for Skoda Pickup concept. However, this truck is probably not coming to the US. It will be smaller sibling of the Tanoak, so it still leaves a spot in the segment for Skoda Pickup to get there.

Skoda Fabia Funstar concept

This might be the idea of 17 yo kids, but since Skoda presented it, Fabia Funstar concept could be a serious plan. Although it is announced immediately that Funstar is not getting into production, the platform could be useful for further development.

Fabia Funstar is a rendering made by apprentices in Skoda’s academy. Sporty pickup uses the Fabia and Citijet platforms. However, these young students upgraded it with the powerful sound system, touchscreen display, and many other features. Outside, we find stainless metal in the bed, 18-inch wheels, and reinforced body panels.

Skoda pickup concept funstar

Skoda Pickup concept engine

We can speculate about few options for Skoda Pickup concept drivetrain. First is VW Amarok’s engine. It is a V-6 diesel unit, which can’t come to the US due to high emissions. Also, it could be too powerful for the compact Skoda Pickup Truck. The alternative is a four-cylinder. Students installed a 1.2 TSI engine in Funstar pickup. This unit is good for 120 hp. Initially, the students wanted to put 1.8-liter TSI powertrain under the hood. But, for Funstar, this petrol engine was too big. We suppose it could be the ideal solution for Skoda Pickup concept.

Finally, there is VW Atlas Tanoak. This truck is going to take advantage of its 3.6-liter V-6 engine that makes 280 hp. Also, with it, the pickup will be able to sprint to 60 mph in just eight seconds. But, this powertrain also seems to be too big for Skoda Pickup concept.

Skoda pickup concept

Skoda Pickup concept production and release date

The production is still far away from Skoda Pickup concept. We are still waiting for the company to announce their first truck. Whatsoever, there are also some other conceptual vehicles that are waiting for development, so everything can slow down things for Skoda Pickup concept.

Nevertheless, with such trends, the Czech company will probably react soon. As a close sibling to the Tanoak, Skoda truck will follow its steps. Not only that design will be similar, but many other things. We believe that Skoda Pickup concept is going to be the vehicle for the European and South American market. Tanoak is going to the US, and Aussies have Amarok as their preferable truck.


The Skoda Pickup is going to be one of the most affordable trucks on the market. On par with Isuzu D-Max and Nissan Navara, it will draw the attention of truckers that need a powerful mule for cheap.

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