Jeep Mighty FC concept

One of the biggest projects from Jeep is their Mighty FC. It is bold and heavy, and, of course, expensive. The Jeep Mighty FC concept is still in testing stages, but this model causes a lot of interest. Although its price is very heavy, this truck will be able to tow a lot and to be stylish at the same time. Well, it might not be too elegant, but the unique design will lure more fans to take a look at it. Parts are coming from the various model, but these are making a compact unit. That is why we are not sure yet what this concept can show as a final model.

Jeep Mighty FC concept

Jeep Mighty FC concept engine

As far as we could find out, the Jeep Mighty FC concept uses the 3.6-l V-6 unit as base drivetrain. This DOHC powertrain will send power to the 5-speed automatic transmission. Then, energy goes to all four wheels. Additionally, Mighty FC uses fuel injection system for better performance. The truck is capable of delivering 290 hp and 250 lb-ft of torque. Other information about FC pickup includes diesel and hybrid models. Nevertheless, these are not so likely to happen. At least, not in the near future. But, if this truck shows the perspective of growing, we might see different trims of it.

Jeep Mighty FC concept rear

Jeep Mighty FC concept design

The appearance of the Jeep Mighty FC concept is very interesting because of the many things. First of all, we can see the 2-door cabin, for a couple of passengers. Wheelbase is coming from Wrangler, and it is 117 inches long. Total length is 200 inches. If we come inside, the simple cabin is very stylish. Seats are covered with plaid and elegant stitches are a great addition. Also, the infotainment system is modern, and company put a lot of effort into the improvement of safety. Not only there, innovative features are all over the vehicle, inside and outside.

Jeep Mighty FC concept cabin

Jeep Mighty FC concept price

The Jeep Mighty FC concept is not for sale yet. It should happen during next year. Nevertheless, some fans already want to know the cost of this truck. According to some sources, Jeep will offer its Mighty FC for about $200,000.

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