Jeep Brute concept

Fans around the world are expecting news about Jeep Brute concept. From what we know so far, this platform will become a production model in 2020. Nevertheless, there is a lot of work to finish on the pickup. Designers and engineers will try to improve it and make a special model. The truck is part of the rumors in the last couple of years, and we are sure modern and stylish vehicle is on its way. With new Brute, Jeep will refresh its lineup, and make some changes on the market. The well-known manufacturer is still on top in the car industry, so the response from others will bring innovations in the entire segment.

Jeep Brute concept

Jeep Brute concept drivetrain

Base models of the Jeep Brute concept will come with a 3.6-l V-6 engine under the hood. However, this is not the definite option, since engineers are trying some other possibilities. For now, the only alternative is a 4.0-l V-6 unit. Nevertheless, the company is still quiet on both these engines. One thing is sure – base model will use petrol as fuel. The diesel pickup is certain but as an option. Also, it is not impossible to see the V-8 version or truck with bigger displacement. Automatic transmission system and all-wheel drive are coming for sure. We will have to wait to see if these are going to be optional.

Jeep Brute concept engine

Jeep Brute concept design

Until it comes into production, we can’t claim what is going to be popular in the truck industry. But, we are sure that Jeep Brute concept will follow modern trends, especially inside the cabin. Luxurious materials and hi-tech features are must for every new model. Outside, Brute will borrow some styling solutions from Wrangler. It is not a bad idea since Wrangler is praised for its look. However, Brute will offer unique grille, bumpers, and some other details.

Jeep Brute concept interior

Jeep Brute concept arrival

It is always hard to guess what does company plan with concept vehicle. However, since interest is growing, we will definitely see Jeep Brute concept. But, the main question is when. Some experts claim it won’t happen before 2019. Most of the rumors are talking about 2020. While there is some kind of hint about the release date, we still don’t have a clue about the price.

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