Hummer HX concept

Listen carefully folks, Hummer is coming back. New H4 model is being prepared, and good old Hummer HX concept will be used again for the SUV which was very popular at the end of last decade. Nevertheless, it has been six years since last H3 was developed, and with modified platform, GM could bring back excitement in crossover segment. This is mainly caused with domination of Jeep Wrangler in North American market. In its home land, General Motors decided to make challenge to its old rival with new Hummer.

Hummer HX concept

Hummer HX concept engine

Not many things are known or could be predicted about new H4 which is about to be built on Hummer HX concept. One of the secrets are details about power source, but we figured out that company is working on the 3.5-l V6 to make it crunch more than 300, and possibly even 350 horses. Turbocharged unit is perfect for off-road conditions, and EcoBoost technology can improve fuel rating. Transmission could be carried over from its predecessor, and suspension is being prepared for better handling.

Hummer HX concept side view

Hummer HX concept redesign

The Hummer HX concept was presented way back in 2008. Ever since, with small modifications, crossover made some recognizable appearance with its extremely wide and boxy look. Nothing is going to change on upcoming H4 built on the same, but modified platform. Well, dimensions are going to be reconsidered, as well as some parts, like grille and bumpers. More aggressive lights are expected, and car industry was developed in every way, especially technology of building the cars. So new, lighter elements are to be used in making of the crossover. The HX concept pays much attention on interior too, so expect a lot of modern, hi-tech features in the cabin.

Hummer HX concept rear view

Hummer HX concept competition

When new H4 appears built on Hummer HX concept, be sure that mentioned Wrangler will wait with response. Nevertheless, these are not the only vehicles in this segment, since famous Mercedes-Benz boxy G-Class and Nissan X-Terra are now fighting for its share of the market. However, buyers are going to be in yield, because the bigger the offer is, the prices are falling.

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