2019 Ford Ranger

Although we saw a big comeback of this model to North America recently, it seems that 2019 Ford Ranger will be something completely new. According to some reliable sources, company works on a completely new truck, which will replace current one. Although new Ranger came recently, it is basically a truck that is based on international version, which is several years older. Because of that, we will see a completely new model, which will come with plenty of new design solutions and technologies. We should see an implementation of latest solutions that are used for new F-150, such as lightweight body, more efficient engines etc. The 2019 Ranger should come in next two or three years.

2019 Ford Ranger redesign

2019 Ford Ranger front viewAs we already mentioned, company will do a complete redesign of this truck in next few years. This will bring many improvements. The 2019 Ford Ranger will get completely new platform, which will use many technologies that we saw on new F-150. This means that we should expect massive use of extra light materials like aluminum and HSS. This will bring many improvements. Big weight savings will provide much better performances, both in terms of capabilities and economy. Also, we expect to see new styling, which will follow latest design language of the brand. We shouldn’t see some radical turnarounds in this aspects. When it is about interior, this mid-size truck will provide plenty of space and high level of comfort. Thanks to new design solutions, will feature a car-like cabin, which will come with excellent materials and with plenty of latest technologies in all aspects.

2019 Ford Ranger rear end2019 Ford Ranger engines

When it is about powertrain, it is still hard to tell more precise details. However, it is pretty much for sure that company will rely pretty much on latest engines from EcoBoost family. Base engine will surely be a 4-cylinder unit. Also, expect some hi-output V6 as option. The 2019 Ford Ranger will continue with diesel units too. Exact details are still unknown, but we think that current 3.2 liter 5-cylinder engine could carry over, but with some modifications that will provide better efficiency.

2019 Ford Ranger release date and price

According to some reports, new 2019 Ford Ranger should come in about two or three years. When it is about price, some predictions are that base model will cost around 25.000 dollars. Competitions will remain pretty much the same, which means that there are models like Nissan Frontier, Toyota Tacoma, Chevy Colorado etc.

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