About Us

Renewed Within Coaching Services was originated out of Mathews, NC. Renewed Within was birthed from a place of pain, heartache, brokenness, rejection, trial and error, abuse, betrayal, and not knowing and/or having an identity of oneself. This was the ultimate inevitableness that brought despair.

The owner/founder Teawana Sanders is a woman of faith, but she was not always that way. Teawana was once lost in her own despair, her own mess of feeling sorry for herself and not owning the things that she needed to ultimately pay attention to, modify, and work on. One of the ultimate goals of living a life of victory, success, and peace is to deal with the things that continually stagnate you, which is something that is extremely hard at times and takes inner strength. This is the beginning of the battle.

Most times individuals would rather and/or try to live their life while blocking out the past, and possibly create new moments/memories. How is that working? Teawana tried this as well and she kept being pulled back into the inevitable. For renewal to take place, the past must be magnified, the rug pulled back, clean and swept underneath, and put back together for the renewed within to take place. This is something that most people dread.

Teawana ultimately found faith in God, but she still had to take the necessary steps in the natural and do the work to get to a renewed place. Her faith opened doors for her and gave her the strength needed to be broken down and rebuilt to live a life of victory and walk in newness. Teawana went through the highs and lows of emotions, the dark places of going back into her past, dealing with subdued abuse in her present, and trying to be a single mother and raise children.

Even though she had past issues that were haunting her, there was a time when she continued to open doors of despair because that is what was tied to her from her past, and she did not know how to escape it. Teawana ultimately had to stop, drop, and roll, and pay attention to what was happening. It was consistent because she was lost and did not understand the process. She had to give in, which is something that was extremely hard because she was so used to being in fight or flight, and/or power mode.

Once Teawana slowed down, let the things in her life go that was weighing her down, allowed God and her faith to elude her, she was able to walk in the doors that were going to rebuild her and bring her much success and allowed the doors to be closed that was a stagnation and constant ache in her life. It was easier said than done because she had to let go of her man, the life that she always knew, and bow down and become humble, which was another hard task because she had/has an extraordinarily strong personality. But this was needed.

Teawana allowed herself to go through the process of elimination, and do it while being a mother, student, employee, and African American Women in society. Because she allowed herself to be broken, faced her past, deal with all unforgiveness that was hidden, hidden anger, and everything that encompass her past, she was able to walk into her future and still is, and be renewed within.

Teawana held onto her faith in the process and allowed God to renew her spiritually and it ultimately flowed into the natural, with her obedience and submission to the process. Of course, no one is perfect, and we all strive for perfection daily. We are all human and it is a daily walk, but if you are dedicated to the process, being renewed within becomes your life story. Renewed within is a process of elimination to a renewed self, and my desire is to help others who are looking for guidance and want to embrace the same process that I was afforded.

Teawana Sanders


Teawana received her B.S. in Psychology with a minor in communications from Missouri State University, she acquired a Graduate Certificate in Counseling: Contemporary Theory in Couple and Family Systems, she has an M.S. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Capella University online. Teawana is currently an intern at Capella University and counsels couples, individuals from all walks of life and children.

Teawana’s desire is to give others a chance at living a productive and a renewed within life of victory. “I have so much to give and have studied communications in deeper scope, as well as, acquired profound leadership skills throughout my personal life, professional life, and educational walk”.