2020 Ford Ranger Raptor Release Date in the USA

Keeping in touch with the latest technology and trending, Ford has decided to release a new coming product. New technology allows us to have more clear info about newcomers. The 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor will change the overall concept of this pickup truck. The Raptor has an interesting future, alongside with his rivals in the USA. However, this model will be available in Australia in some special editions, so USA version will wait for a while. We do not know the exact features of the new Raptor, but according to some rumors and Fords revealed data, we can say this beast confirms all that. The new machine will create a blast on market and USA is primary.

 Australian market will have a desirable entrance for this type of vehicle since the most proper vehicles in their environment are currently SUVs and compact trucks. We can claim that a new divide is about to come and all current models on market worldwide will have a unique opportunity to compete with this beast.

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor spied

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor engine

One of the most important things is the engine of every truck. Since we do not know much about this model, we can assume some details compared to the previous model. Since the previous model had a strong output, this one will definitely take the best line-up connected in this category.

New 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor engine is likely to get new 3.5-liter turbocharged Ecoboost V6 engine with 375 horsepower and 470 lb-ft of torque. There is also a smaller cup of engine involved like 2.7-liter V6 but this is just a possible option. The engine is supposed to be offered in pair with 10-speed automatic transmission co-developed with GM. Some rumors say that it can go with 6-speed manual transmission but nothing is valued yet. This truck is supposed to have five-link rear suspension setup.

This model will have significant towing capacity since dimensions are bigger than in the previous case.

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor concept

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor redesign

The design of the new 2020 Ford Ranger Raptor will be more aggressive with more details from outside. Frontal part is bigger and wider so the fascia will look sportier than before. The profile itself will look a little bit different but without bigger marks on front. The front bumpers are bigger and have that intense variation which is desirable for this kind of machines. The front skid plate is originally bigger and will take serious dimension reconstruction with the new design. Mechanical components are impressive, and even inside the overall system is redesigned to complete a clear image.

The grille and tires are imputed from Raptor F-150 which has more realistic and bigger dimensions. Ground clearance is improved and easier to use. This model will be available in several base trim levels, but ground clearance should be the same in all levels required.

Interior is spacious with numerous details combined with leather and wood. Entrance is bigger and wider and doors will have adjusted dimensions according to trim levels. There are some speculations about Fords unique seats for all trim levels which will be a novelty for this type of truck. The steering wheel is steady with thicker grips on the side. This means that the wheel is steady with better handling and driving mode.

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor rear

2020 Ford Ranger Raptor price

There is still time for earning new knowledge about upcoming trucks. Some sources say there will be enough room for adding more details and specific trim levels. Price is still a question, but according to the previous model, it can be various. Some estimates are going to the $45000 for the base model with basic trim level.

Although this model will be available in Australia first, we can expect to release in the USA by the end of 2019. Final launching will probably take place in late 2020.

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