2020 Chevy el Camino Comeback, Price, SS

Chevy el Camino is one of the most famous trucks ever made by GM. However, when the bigger pickups based on the ladder frame arrived, this model became the history. Now, we can hear more and more rumors about its comeback as the 2020 Chevy el Camino. So, let’s analyze the possibilities of the return.

The old el Camino was a car turned into a pickup truck. How? Just by replacing the rear end with a bed. The unibody pickup was not so capable to tow. But, drivers had a sporty, coupe truck with back storage area. Well, whoever needed higher towing capacity turned to pickup trucks based on the BoF platforms. So, sales of the el Camino dropped and the company discontinued eventually in 1987.

Nowadays, the market could welcome such truck. There is only Honda Ridgeline considered as the sports pickups. Also, it is the only one built on the unibody architecture. So, the 2020 Chevy el Camino wouldn’t have too many rivals. Well, recently we read that Ford is returning its Ranchero. So, the sports truck market is small. But, with a few models available on it, there will be profit for GM. But well, the company also needs to pay attention to crossovers and SUVs, since the versatility of these vehicles is a threat even to a mid-size pickup truck segment.

2020 Chevy el Camino

2020 Chevy el Camino Redesign

We used to watch the truck as the car with the bed. Now, it is impossible to imagine the 2020 Chevy el Camino looking like its predecessor. It will be larger and based on some of the SUVs the GM is producing. First of all, we are sure that 2020 el Camino will bring few old-school characteristics with it. That is a unibody concept. GM already has mid-size trucks – Chevy Colorado and GMC Canyon, with ladder frame. So, the el Camino will be smaller pickup built on the unibody architecture. Besides that, we can’t claim too much about it. Some renders are available on the internet, but these are more fans’ concepts than realistic possibilities.

2020 Chevy el Camino interior

2020 Chevy el Camino Spy Photos

Some sources are reporting that few unfamiliar Chevy vehicles are cruising around with the heavy camouflage on. We saw some of them, and it seems the company is launching the ZR2 version of the Silverado 1500 full-size truck. But, other models are smaller, sources say. However, there are no photos to confirm these stories. We can still consider them as fake news, but could this vehicle be the prototype of 2020 Chevy el Camino? We will see…

2020 Chevy el Camino rear view

2020 Chevy el Camino SS

Only few Chevy models carried Super Sport badge. One of them was el, Camino. We already mentioned some rendering images, but it is clear that these are showing a Chevrolet Camaro with the bed. The concept is interesting but highly unlikely to happen. We doubt this vehicle is going to find as many buyers as GM would cost the development.

2020 Chevy el Camino Specs

Having these images of Camaro turned to 2020 Chevy el Camino SS, we believe the company could bring the sport truck with powerful engine. The SS model would get the drivetrain from the muscle car. But, the mightiest one – a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 unit. With 650 hp and 650 lb-ft of torque, the new el Camino SS would be a beast on streets.

However, the perfect powertrain for the base truck is a 3.6-liter V6, used by Camaro as well. This unit pairs an eight-speed automatic drivetrain and bursts 335 horsepower and 285 lb-ft of torque. Well, this is somehow easier to imagine. Other possibilities we can find looking at the Colorado mid-size truck. El Camino won’t be getting a four-pot unit. On the other hand, could it be diesel? If that happens, the truck will borrow the engine from the smaller pickup, rather than the new 3.0-liter turbo-diesel unit which will be available for Silverado 1500.

2020 Chevy el Camino engine


Unibody vs body-on-Frame Platform

The advantage of the unibody platform is definitely the lack of competition in the truck market. However, there are other differences that could lure buyers to this model. With such architecture, the 2020 Chevy el Camino would be safer. The entire body soaks the energy in crashes. Also, the handling and maneuverability are better. The lacks are towing capacity and off-road capabilities. But, the 2020 el Camino will be a sports truck, rather than the utility vehicle.


2020 Chevy el Camino Release Date

If General Motors are serious about the 2020 Chevy el Camino, we could see the first spy photos in 2019. The new pickup will debut in 2020 as a prototype first. When it will be in production, we still don’t know. With too many works about other, more profitable segments, we doubt the Chevrolet is going to experiment with this idea. On the other hand, fans of the truck are eagerly waiting to see it again. Also, sports pickup could draw the attention of younger buyers.

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