The Return – 2019 Ram Rampage

Rampage sport truck had a short stint between 1982 and 1984. However, fans are still want it back. There are rumors telling that the nameplate could be back soon, as 2019 Ram Rampage. Sport pickup trucks with two-door configuration are not popular nowadays. Functionality is priority, and there are some performance-oriented versions for adrenalin-addicts. The Rampage would be the competition to Ranger Raptor. However, it is not even close to the Rebel TRX which will arrive next season.

The 2019 Ram Rampage is going to be attractive and pretty different from everything we could see from this truckmaker. Special parts and features will overshadow the offer. However, this model is not going to be a true worker, but the showing-off machine. A unique grille, premium features, and the strong engine will boost the price as well. However, it will be nice to see Rampage again.

2019 Ram Rampage


As the competitor to Chevrolet El Camino, Dodge launched the truck version of Rampage in 1983. In that time, these were true half-tone pickups. Its towing capacity was around 500 kg. Dodge Rampage could tow up to 1,145 pounds. Its main rival El Camino came with 1,250 lbs capacity. Other rivals were VW Sporttruck and Subaru BRAT. None of these nameplates is in production anymore.

End of production

The main reason for discontinuation lays in poor market performance. With three years in salons, the Rampage managed to sell less than 40,000 units. It is pretty poor having in mind competition’s results. However, neither do Chevrolet El Camino lasted for too long after the discontinuation of Dodge Rampage.

2019 Ram Rampage concept

It is time for 2019 Ram Rampage

Experts are pretty sure that 2019 Ram Rampage is coming. Although there is no certified information from the company. We are still looking for spy shots. However, first renderings and concept art designs are available. But, that is not enough. Furthermore, fans are already analyzing rumors and details about drivetrain and specs. With this dose of enthusiasm, maybe FCA could make some exception and bring the Ram Rampage back, at least as some kind of limited edition truck.

2019 Ram Rampage engine

The Dodge Rampage used a 2.2-liter engine and its towing capacity was just above halftone. With such performance, it couldn’t be attractive to buyers. Nowadays, we have crossovers that can tow more, run faster, and consume less fuel. It is hard to compete in such environment. But, trucks somehow managed to survive, mostly because of their excellent towing capacity.

To get the best of 2019 Ram Rampage, engineers will probably install the 2.4-liter unit for the pickup truck. That engine will be good to match expected outputs in the compact truck segment. The light pickup could also get a diesel engine. But, this is a less likely option. We can expect the 2019 Rampage to deliver around 200 horses and 200 lb-ft of torque. Towing capacity is not going to be magnificent. We suppose it won’t go up from 5,500 pounds.

New Ram Rampage

2019 Ram Rampage price

This is another important info. It will decide the future of the 2019 Ram Rampage. If the initial price finds disappoint among fans, then the truck is not going to last for too long. We are thinking of the Rampage as one of the most affordable truck next year. At this point, it is Toyota Tacoma. We can buy it for less than $20,000. The 2019 Ram Rampage could cost even less.

Release date

Well, the question is will we ever see 2019 Ram Rampage? Will Ram bring back the sport truck? And when it could be? With a shortage of answers, we will be optimists to say – next year. It is not so likely to happen. But, who knows? There is no smoke without fire.

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