2019 Fiat Strada

We are still looking for information about Strada truck for next year, and boo, what we hear – company is preparing 2019 season model. We don’t know if it is possible delay of 2018 year pickup, or it suffers redesign. Also, fans must prepare themselves for new generation eventually. There are just pieces of information about 2019 Fiat Strada, but we will follow the leads. Step by step, Italian manufacturer is approaching US market. It is impossible to success as a rookie in the toughest game. But now, with experience, Fiat could launch Strada in North America. Southern, Brazil remains the country where this truck is most popular.

2019 Fiat Strada

2019 Fiat Strada engine

If major redesign is on the way, then we are still clueless about drivetrains and outputs. Experts believes that 6-speed automatic transmission is only certain part of powertrain system. Suspensions, brakes, and type of engine could suffer changes in last minute before launching. However, if new 2019 Fiat Strada appears as refresh model, then it is clear 1.4-l petrol engine is taking position under the hood. This is main unit, making 85 horses. Optionally, truckers can purchase this model with 1.8-l displacement, with better output. This one can put up numbers up to 120 hp. Front-wheel drive is standard, and we believe new Strada can make 27 mpg combined. Fuel economy suffers reduce with AWD system.

2019 Fiat Strada drivetrain

2019 Fiat Strada redesign

According to latest reports and spy photos, upcoming pickup will bring significant changes. We will see if these are for 2019 Fiat Strada or its predecessor. This pickup is going to share parts with cars from same manufacturer, but different class. It seems like Italian carmaker is preparing major changes for most of its models. What will be there in 2019, it is still early to guess. Company has plenty of time for development.

2019 Fiat Strada interior

2019 Fiat Strada release date

Since we are waiting for 2018 year model, experts are sure that next pickup will have to wait a while. Nevertheless, delay is possible, which means fans are actually waiting for 2019 Fiat Strada. In any case, it won’t appear before the last quarter of this year in best possible way. Otherwise, we can see off 2018 until new model gets ready for premiere.

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