2018 Ram 3500

It looks we are finally about to see some big changes for 2018 Ram 3500. According to the latest reports, company will finally make a complete overhaul of this popular heavy duty series, which company produces for many years. Original Ram dates from more than 35 years ago, while HD variant is little younger but also with big tradition. Current version is in production since 2009. If we consider that main competitors from Ford and General Motors are much younger, it is obvious that Ram needs big changes to stay competitive. Because, we are probably going to see completely new 2018 3500. According to some reports, it should come in about two years.

2018 Ram 3500 redesign

2018 Ram 3500 front viewThe 2018 Ram 3500 will come redesigned. What exactly will this bring, we still don’t know, but we are sure that there will be plenty of changes and improvements. For now, it is pretty much for sure that new model won’t follow modern trends in terms of materials. So, instead of aluminum, Ram will stick to more conventional materials. This could be a big trump for those “old school” drivers, who prefer proven technologies. When it is about exterior design, we believe that there won’t be big changes in dimensions. On the other side, we expect completely new design language. The 2018 Ram 3500 should keep some of base design solutions, but overall look should be significantly improved. Same thing is expect inside. Interior will be redesigned too. We will see not only new styling, but also use of new materials, colors, new technologies etc.

2018 Ram 3500 engine

When it is about engines, we expect that 2018 Ram 3500 will carry with the same units as current model. However, all three engines should come with big improvements, both in terms of power and economy. There will be two gasoline units, with displacement of 5.7 and 6.4 liters, and also a 6.7 diesel engine. In current model, base 5.7 engine has max output of 383 horsepower. Other gasoline engine is good for about 410 horsepower. When it is about diesel engine, it has max output of 370 horsepower. Current model uses a 6-speed automatic transmission, and we could see some changes in this aspect too.

2018 Ram 3500 rear view2018 Ram 3500 release date and price

As we already mentioned, 2018 Ram 3500 should come in about two years. More precisely, it will be somewhere in late 2018. When it is about price, current model starts at 33.000 dollars, and we probably won’t see some drastic changes.

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