2018 Lincoln Mark LT

The best-known truck from Lincoln is its Mark LT. According to trusted source, soon we will see a new edition of this pickup. Expectations are high. But company trusts in 2018 Lincoln Mark LT. We still don’t know exact numbers, but rumors say that model will bring many innovations. Lincoln is ready to invest big money into this vehicle, so it won’t be a surprise if Mark LT breaks into the elite class of trucks. However, many improvements must be brought all around the vehicle. Changes in design and under the hood will boost odds in favor of the truck.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT

2018 Lincoln Mark LT design

Contrary, carmaker won’t make radical turnovers when it is all about exterior design. Most of the changes will be cosmetic, with some new parts. We are sure more aggressive front will bring new headlights, bumper, and hood. Size and dimensions of 2018 Lincoln Mark LT will be similar as on its predecessor. The 18-inch wheels are there for the base model, while upper trims can get bigger. Infotainment system can’t appear without navigation. Look at the cabin could get some big changes. The first to suffer some modifications is the dashboard. Modernization would refresh the appearance of the Mark LT.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT interior

2018 Lincoln Mark LT engine

The 2018 Lincoln Mark LT will get the power from V-8 drivetrain with a displacement of 5.5-l. We believe this unit can burst 350 hp and 360 lb-ft of torque. Nevertheless, it is not impossible to see a new model in diesel variant. With it, buyers are getting more torque and higher towing capacity numbers. The Mark LT from Lincoln mates engines with automatic transmission, while manual gearbox is unlikely. Power goes to all wheels for better stability and traction. However, it won’t help this pickup being more economical with fuel.

2018 Lincoln Mark LT engine

2018 Lincoln Mark LT price

Experts believe that starting price of the 2018 Lincoln Mark LT won’t be higher than $35,000. As before, the truck could first come to Mexico, and then to other markets. Buyers in the United States will probably have few variants and trims in the offer, to choose from. Nevertheless, many countries won’t see this truck on their territory.

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5 Responses to 2018 Lincoln Mark LT

  1. jim says:

    I live in San Diego and I have seen 3 of these on the road , I think they were all from Baja California . I did not know Lincoln made this truck , it is beautiful , can not wait until it gets here , hopefully with the new diesel

  2. Muriel Edwards says:

    Was considering a 2018 Ford Lincoln Mark LT until I saw a picture. It has been beautiful leading up to 2018 and the picture I saw of 2018 made it look cheap on outside. Just because you add lots of Chrome to front of a vehicle doesn’t constitute a change for the better. It no longer has the look of class and it’s very disappointing. Should have stuck with the 2017 look with flare side step side style. It should look unique and luxurious.

  3. D. Vensko says:

    Bring back that mark lt. white chocolate like my current 2008. Has got lots &lots of a very nice truck. Everybody wants to by -it. Chrome-it -up (bottom door panels) etc. why leave them in just Mexico???? At ten yrs old it’s still draws a lot of attention. HELLO DEARBORN. Do you hear us. Former liv. Trans. Employe

  4. Mark.S says:

    Please bring back the Lincoln truck !! I have the 2008!, vivid red as a colour, I absolutely love it !!! Would love to up grade to a new one !!

  5. Jim Keay says:

    I live in British Columbia,Canada an
    Nd dealers up here say that Liincoln is not making a Mark LT.
    Does anyone one know anything different?
    Jim K

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