2018 Ford F-750

Ford is making some changes in their heavy-duty segment. That means big trucks are getting a new look and possibly powertrains. This is especially important for 2018 Ford F-750 and F-650. It has been almost ten years since last significant upgrade. After new one, maximum towing capacity will reach 37,000 pounds. Trim levels will remain the same, as well as cab configurations. So, with frame options, we can make numerous combination for upcoming F-750. Price will probably get a push since innovations and modern systems are coming with a pickup truck.

2018 Ford F-750

2018 Ford F-750 redesign

Experts are together in the opinion that 2018 Ford F-750 will come with significant styling changes. There is no official confirmation, but front fascia will definitely suffer modifications. The massive grille will use parallel bars for powerful appearance. Huge bumper with also big lights is getting a refresh. The bumper comes with holes for better air flow and aerodynamic. Angular fenders and sides are similar to F-150 model. All-season tires are on 20-inch wheels. Some trims can get 21-inch wheels. The cabin is simple. Everything is subaltern to functionality. Comfort is the most important, while infotainment system offers elemental features.

2018 Ford F-750 dashboard

2018 Ford F-750 engine

Upcoming 2018 Ford F-750 will offer 6.7-l PowerStroke V-8 engine as it is the main option. The diesel unit has a turbocharger and massive output of almost 700 lb-ft of torque. Horsepower is at 280 but can go up with the secondary drivetrain. Truckers that want more power can buy F-750 with 6.8-l petrol V-10. Gasoline unit can deliver more energy, 330 horsepower, but less torque, 450 lb-ft. There is still time for changes, but one thing is certain – transmission box. It is going to be 6-pace TorqShift automatic with options to send power to all or rear wheels.

2018 Ford F-750 front

2018 Ford F-750 price

The cost of the new 2018 Ford F-750 will depend on many things. First of all, we have two trims. Then, buyers can pick between three cab configurations, three frame types, two engines and two drive systems. There will be a lot of room for combinations, but the base unit will cost from around $70,000. With extra packages and systems, the new truck will probably exceed $100,000 price tag.

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