2018 Ford Atlas

The 2018 Ford Atlas could start new generation of truck. However, this information is still questionable. Fans saw concept of the vehicle during car show in Detroit, way back in 2013. This pickup supposed to replace famous F-150. Experts believe it would rather give another alternative to truck fans. The F-series are best-selling products in company, so Atlas is a vehicle for buyers which are not so fond of these. We are still waiting for confirmation, since there were rumors for 2017 season of the truck. Nevertheless, we doubt Ford is going to drop this concept. That way, Atlas should come soon.

2018 Ford Atlas

2018 Ford Atlas powertrain

There are two dominating stories telling about drivetrain options for new pickup. According to first one, under the hood of the 2018 Ford Atlas will be 5.0-l displacement. This huge V-8 can produce nearly 400 horses and 400 lb-ft of torque. Rumors say that engine sends power through 6-speed auto transmission, unless Ford decides to go with new 10-speed gearbox. Alternative is more likely to happen, IOHO. That should be 3.5-l EcoBoost V-6 powertrain. This unit offers twin turbo-charger and new start-stop system with truck enhancement. For V-6 engineers prepare fuel economy boosters, such as grille shutters and cooling system. With these features, Atlas could step into market with remarkable fuel-economy numbers.

2018 Ford Atlas interior

2018 Ford Atlas launch

New concept and upcoming truck is a response to growing competition. Other companies plan to refresh their lineups. This includes revisits of existing model, with possibility of major changes and new generations. Because of that, Ford decides to launch new vehicle. When it is going to be, we still don’t know. Fans hope soon, but they are disappointed because of delay. Some sources reported about 2017 year model, but it is highly unlikely now to happen. That’s why everyone are sure that 2018 Ford Atlas is realistic opinion.

2018 Ford Atlas rear

2018 Ford Atlas price

Since 2018 Ford Atlas is some kind of alternative for F-150, it should give better prices to buyers. As a model which is there to boost selling records, it must cost under the value of its sibling. So, new Atlas we believe new pickup will carry a price tag under $25,000, which should lure many truckers at least to consider the purchase.


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