2018 Fiat Fullback

The new 2018 Fiat Fullback is arriving as brand new model from Italian carmaker. This is a very strong opponent to other competitors. Model is an outstanding concept combining classic and redesign. This model of Fiat is more than a pickup truck. With more serious parts and updated engine, even ride can consider as a blast. Some estimators say that further details can get after probe ride but in theory all specs comes to one unique concept. There is only matter of time when we expecting final launching to the US and then European market.

2018 Fiat Fullback

2018 Fiat Fullback redesign

The 2018 Fiat Fullback is specially designed for hard and smooth terrains in order to become easy carriage vehicle which can be useful in town and also on hard available country. With his weigh about a tone, he can carry more than his weigh. With back storage place and also regular storage it can be more use in everyday life. Body and texture is of special combination of aluminum and steel which can provide durability and stamina which is main redesigned fact. With updated technology including screens and various sections near driving wheel, overall system looks wealthy and high.

  2018 Fiat Fullback cabin

2018 Fiat Fullback engine

Main option of 2018 Fiat Fullback 2.4-liter diesel engine. This unit can offer 178 hp at 2,000 rpm which is impressive for first trial. It has an automatic 5-speed gearbox and u have optional choice to spread to manual transmission. Since the pickup has more expressed weigh, that means that some transmissions will start a little bit slower, but this is not a lack since the operative systems knows how to deal with the redesign of engine. It is not a secret that final production is not complete, and engine will have more specs to improve.

2018 Fiat Fullback rear

2018 Fiat Fullback price and release date

Base price for 2018 Fiat Fullback up will go around $30,000 with no extra updated features, except the main package. Also there is a rumor that production will give over 50.000 units and every single will have optional choice about design and specs. This model will be available first in North America and then wider.

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