2018 Chevy el Camino

Interesting thing about this coupe utility/pickup is that it isn’t in production for almost three decades, but people still talk about it. Original model came way back in 1959, at the times when these kinds of vehicles were popular. Company produced it until 1987. In this period, we have seen five generations of it. Almost three decades later, there are still some expectations that it could come back. Latest reports say that company prepares to revive this nameplate, and that new model could came already next year, as 2018 Chevy el Camino. However, those are just rumors of some enthusiasts, and you should take them with big reserve.

2018 Chevy el Camino design and features

2018 Chevy el Camino front viewAccording to various rumors, we could see a revival of this car soon. Some reports say that new model could come already next year. However, it is hard to find some more precise predictions about some design characteristics. For now, we can only speculate. When it is about platform, some believe that 2018 Chevy el Camino could be based on Malibu, or even on larger Impala. However, this should be a coupe utility/pickup with high performances. So, new model could share many of characteristics with legendary pony car Camaro. In that case, new model will ride on Alpha platform, which company uses for several model, such as Cadillac CTS or ATS. When it is about styling, 2018 el Camino will surely follow latest design language of the brand. Front end should be pretty close to Camaro. When it is about interior, we also expect close relation with legendary pony.

2018 Chevy el Camino rear view2018 Chevy el Camino engine

The 2018 Chevy el Camino will be a performance car. So, expect large and powerful engines in offer. According to many reports, we will see a V8 variant for sure. This model will feature Chevrolet’s well-known 6.2 liter V8 engine, which will for this occasion have around 420 horsepower. It should come in pair with 8-speed automatic, but also with manual transmission as optional. Also, many believe that base model should feature some smaller, V6 engine.

2018 Chevy el Camino release date and price

All these details about 2018 Chevy el Camino are just rumors. We don’t know will even come. However, some believe that new model could come already next year. When it is about price, it is very hard to make some predictions, but base model should cost more than 35.000 dollars.

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