2018 Chevrolet S10

The 2018 Chevrolet S10 will continue tradition which exist for three and a half decades. This compact truck came into market in 1982 for the first time. Then, it came under the GMC brand, and ever since, it had different names, but idea was the same. Now, this compact pickup is part of third generation, dating from 2012. Company doesn’t plan bigger redesign for this edition, but we can expect it probably after 2020. Changes on 2018 S10 could be testing for upcoming updates and larger modifications. However, this truck will be attractive as it ever is.

2018 Chevrolet S10

2018 Chevrolet S10 engine

Specifications of the 2018 Chevrolet S10 are still secret. At least most of them. Most experts are together in opinion that 2.5-l drivetrain will be base unit. Substitute for this Flex engine is a diesel, 2.8-l Duramax. Two engines can deliver approximately same power, around 200 horsepower. Nevertheless, diesel unit can make more torque, 370 lb-ft comparing to 190 lb-ft from petrol engine. Both units are using 6-speed transmission. Automatic is coming in base units, and buyers can purchase manual if they like it.

2018 Chevrolet S10 rear

2018 Chevrolet S10 trim levels

The 2018 Chevrolet S10 will be available in few cab configurations, trim levels and drive modes. First of all, buyers can choose between Chassis cab, Solitary cab and Increase cab. These options bring various features and size of the S10. Furthermore, new pickup comes as LS model in base offer. Also, there are LT, LTZ and High Nation models, with higher value of equipment. There is not the end of variations for this truck. Truckers pick from front-wheel and all-wheel drive systems. Anyway, a lot of alternatives make wider circle of truckers satisfied.

2018 Chevrolet S10 interior

2018 Chevrolet S10 release and price

New 2018 Chevrolet S10 will probably come during this year, Presentation could happen in next few months and arrival at salons in second half of 2017. Also, price is going  to be very affordable. Since it is small truck, we are sure significant discount is on the way, comparing to other Chevy offer.

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