2017 VW Amarok

Truck segment is becoming more popular among European manufacturers. In favor of this is announcement of the new 2017 VW Amarok. German factory is well known for their cars, especially luxury sedans, but now they are ready to make a breakthrough in pickup class. American and Japanese companies have a long tradition, but Amarok is growing fast, and we could expect it soon among top models. For 2017 year model, new styling will surprise all fans, while drivetrain options are going to be refreshed. With plenty of time fir development, truck should get some unique details and all lacks and defects are to be fixed.

2017 VW Amarok front view

2017 VW Amarok exterior

American truckers are main customers for VW. Because of them, a lot of work is to be done, because competition is huge. However, 2017 VW Amarok is going to be redesigned, with some new features. One of them are xenon lights on the front, while LED lamps are kept as daytime running lights. Also, same lightning will be used for rear part. Bumpers make new Amarok refreshed, and aluminum wheels add some elegance. Dimensions of these are 22-inches. Front grille has chrome accents on the ends.

2017 VW Amarok rear view

2017 VW Amarok interior

Since its appearance in 2005, Volkswagen truck suffered a lot changes. Constant improvements in the cabin make this vehicle more elegant, comfortable and safe. Many features are to be carried over from previous models, and many new will be added for 2017 VW Amarok. Improved infotainment system, audio speakers and navigation should be standard, while other equipment will be known as the time pass.

2017 VW Amarok interior

2017 VW Amarok drivetrain

Two options are being prepared for 2017 VW Amarok. Base models will have 2.0-l TDI V6 installed under the hood. This engine, paired with electric motor, will be ready to deliver around 200 horses. Transmission is either six- or eight-speed. Other unit is 4.2-l V8 with possible output of 410 hp. All-wheel drive configuration is standard. New truck will be lighter than its predecessors, so all buyers can expect better fuel economy. Pickup’s release date should be early in 2017, or even sooner.

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