2017 Ram Rampage

Ram is having big concerns about its trademark vehicle Dakota. That’s why this company is planning new vehicle. More than thirty years, Ram is part of top producers of pickup trucks, and their vehicles always caused a lot of attention. Now it is time to do it again. Compact pickup market should be shaken again with 2017 Ram Rampage, new vehicle which is there to replace Dakota. In cooperation with Fiat, this truck should be competitive in the market. One of the main advantages will be its freshness, but there are also a lot of conventional buyers, who don’t like to rush and test new vehicles.

2017 Ram Rampage front view

2017 Ram Rampage design

The 2017 Ram Rampage will be available as two-door truck, but 4-door option will offer more space inside the cabin. Italian carmaker Fiat could add some stylish details, and comfort, safety and control are superb. In the cabin all details are specific, thanks to Italian designers. High quality materials were used, so expect a lot of leather and genuine upholstery. Infotainment system is also boosted with a lot connectivity features. Navigation is also available for new truck. The 2017 Rampage won’t be less exciting from outside. Some typical Ram features are going to be used. Grille is new, and bed is made to offer maximum towing capabilities. Lights are using LED technology.

2017 Ram Rampage interior

2017 Ram Rampage engines

Compact pickup truck class doesn’t offer big engines and high performance. But, fuel economy it advantage of these vehicles. So it is with 2017 Ram Rampage. Not so big powertrains are prepared for it. Base models come with 1.4-l unit, with 110 hp and 150 lb-ft of torque. Bigger option is 2.4-l 4-cylinder drivetrain qith more power. Its output is around 180 horsepower and 200 lb-ft of torque. Common thing for both is transmission, but there are two options available for drivers. A 6-speed is manual variant, while automatic comes as 9-speed gearbox. Also, both base and 2.4-l unit are naturally aspirated. Fuel efficiency is highlight of Ram Rampage. In the city, pickup can run 18 mpg, while out on the highway it consumes 28 mpg. Smaller engines also emit less carbon-dioxide.

2017 Ram Rampage rear view

2017 Ram Rampage price

Exact release date for 2017 Ram Rampage is not confirmed, but we guess it will happen during next year. Early information have arrived about price, with new truck starting at $17,000 for base models.

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