2017 Lincoln Mark LT

The 2017 Lincoln Mark LT is coming back, according to latest rumors. This model was in production between 2005 and 2014. During this period, we saw two generations of it. Original model was offered in North America and Mexico, while second generation of this luxury truck was available only in the biggest country of Central America. After few years of brake, company is going to offer this truck once again. New model will once again come based on F-150, but it is still unknown where will be offered, just in Mexico, or also in U.S. and even Canada.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT redesign

2017 Lincoln Mark LT front view

The 2017 Lincoln Mark LT will come completely new. Once again, it will be based on company’s best-selling model F-150. This truck will be some kind of luxurious package of this iconic truck. Mechanical part of the truck will be pretty much the same, while main differences will be in visual aspect. Exterior design will be in classic Lincoln way. It will follow the latest design language of Ford’s luxury division.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT interior

However, most of this truck is about interior. Compared to F-150, 2017 Lincoln Mark LT will come much more luxurious. This will be notable in all aspect. It will feature stylish and elegant cabin, with leather upholstery and various hi-quality materials. Also, there will be plenty of hi-tech features. We will mention just some of them. For example, there will be things like large touchscreen, which will feature systems like navigation, satellite radio etc. Also, we will see premium audio system, power and heated seats, leather-wrapped steering wheel etc. the 2017 Mark LT will be not only luxurious, but also practical. It will be offered with two bed sizes – 5.5 and 6.5 feet long. Also, expect spacious and comfortable cabin with plenty of space both for the legs and head.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT interior

2017 Lincoln Mark LT engine

It is expected that 2017 Lincoln Mark LT will get a new engine. Previous model was powered by 5.4 liter V8 engine which has max power of around 300 horses. Exact engine for new model is still unknown. There are few units possible. For example, some predict that 2017 Lincoln Mark LT will continue with V8 engines so, 5.0 liter Coyote could be a perfect choice. On the other side, many experts predict that Ford will choose some more efficient, economy oriented V6 EcoBoost variant. In any case, expect more power and better economy, compared to previous model.

2017 Lincoln Mark LT rear view

2017 Lincoln Mark LT release date

The 2017 Lincoln Mark LT is expected to come later this year. More precise date will be known in near future.

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28 Responses to 2017 Lincoln Mark LT

  1. I have been waiting on a new Lincoln Mark LT.
    Also, I hope it includes all the latest technology the auto industry has placed on numerous vehicles.
    I want it fully loaded and exceed all expectations of body, elegance, style, luxury, power, fuel economy and “Air Force One Standards” to say the least!

    • Tammy matich says:

      We loved ours.our son still drives it to college.we will definitely buy the 2017 if sold in Us.

    • cj anomynus says:

      Money has made these commenters feel superrior by bragging about them needing the highest technology. If you want one buy one. Stop posting things to prove you have the money to buy 2 3 4 off the showroom floor lincoln trucks just so your kids can be preppy and spoiled to drive one to school.

      • Swag daddy says:

        Lmao you’re broke af boi just fucking kill yourself

      • hustle says:

        Yes we do need $$$ to buy this car, so lets get money! Good luck hustling this year bro… keep your head up, grind ethic, and youll have 2,3, or 4 off the showroom floor too!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Where can I purchase a 2016/17 Lincoln mark lt?

  3. Geri Branaman says:

    I’m so excited to buy my second one!

  4. I would like information.

  5. MH says:

    No echo boost BS please, V8 is a perfect choice

    • Nathan Farnham says:

      Ecoboost is An awesome motor put a tunner in it and bump the boost you’ll get more power and better economy like the Raptor!!!!!! Raptor spec. Motor is what is should have not the 5.0!!!!! Just saying latest technology right!!!!!

  6. Teresa B Tharan says:

    I truly hope so…I have a 2006 and want a new one…love these trucks…

  7. Victoria says:

    Like many others I am waiting on the new Lincoln Mark Truck. The dealership in my area is saying they have no knowledge of this truck. Please say this is not true, I have one of the trucks now and I am wanting a new one. Waiting!

    • truck says:

      The 2014 Lincoln Mark LT was the last. Some rumors say that is possible that Lincoln return this model. If this does not happen you have Ford F-150 Platinum (U.S./Canada) or Ford Lobo Platinum (Mexico) as replacements.

    • Denise says:

      I checked with Ford and Cadillac and they both say the same thing I hope this truck comes back I’ve always loved it I want it and they need to listen to the consumers and bring it back

  8. duriel Barnes says:

    I have a 07 mark Lt..after I pay this off I’m trading it in for the new one….

  9. My 07 has 155000 miles on it. Still running good! Where can I buy a new one?

  10. Barbara says:

    Where do i go to get one????????????????Please let me know. Thank You

    • truck says:

      The 2014 Lincoln Mark LT was the last. You have Ford F-150 Platinum (U.S./Canada) or Ford Lobo Platinum (Mexico) as replacements if Lincoln (Ford) does not return Mark LT model.

  11. Teodoro says:

    Can I have more details about the truck because I really want one

  12. Dr Rolland Kerr says:

    What is the fuel consumption on the MARK LT?


  14. Rob says:

    I brought the Lincoln mark lt in 2005 and I still have it ,paint, body and interior is in great shape.I am told It still look new. It has 72300 miles on it.I am waiting on the new Lincoln mark lt to come out. I love this truck. Fuel milage was never great, but the rest is hard to beat.

  15. Jon says:

    I bought the 2007 mklt . I have had it 10 yrs. now going on 200000 miles . ….looks brand new what a wonderful vehicle. I will no doubt by the new Lincoln Mark LT 2017.

  16. I don’t know why Lincoln won’t bring the LT to the U.S I have a 2007 looks like new 122,000 mi GREAT TRUCK I know it’s only a F150 but l need Lincoln on the front !!!!

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