2017 Ford Super Chief

Long time ago, Ford presented a concept car named Super Chief. It that time no one believed that it could enter serial production. It came with pretty unusual design, with extravagant interior, large dimensions and, which is most important, with pretty unique, very innovative powertrain. Nowadays, it looks like this vehicle could be produced. According to some rumors, new model could come in a year or two and it will probably be named 2017 Ford Super Chief.

2017 Ford Super Chief engine

2017 Ford Super Chief front view

Well, powertrain is definitely the most interesting part of this model. The 2017 Ford Super Chief will come with unique, tri-flex fueling system. This means that it the engine will be able to work with three different types of fuel. Beside petrol, it will also use E85 Ethanol. However, the most interesting is the third one. The 2017 Super Chief engine could also work on hydrogen. This is the fuel of the future. The engine that will be installed in new truck is Supercharged V10, which will be good enough for 550 horses and over 400 pound-feet of torque. Powered with hydrogen, this truck will have a range over 500 miles between refueling. This fuel provides excellent results when it is about fuel economy. Beside that, it also has over 99 percent less CO2 emission that any petrol-powered engine.

2017 Ford Super Chief rear view

2017 Ford Super Chief specs

The concept of this car was based on the Super Duty F-250 and it is expected that 2017 Ford Super Chief will continue in the same way. New F-250 is about to come and this special version will adopt all of the technological achievements that came with newest trucks from ford. This mainly refers to the use light materials, which will provide excellent results when it is about weight savings. The 2017 Ford Super Chief will also feature unique appearance. In terms of body type, it overpasses F-250 Crew Cab and even F-250 King Ranch.

2017 Ford Super Chief design

This extra large dimensions will provide plenty of space inside the cabin, which will also come with extravagant interior styling, which should look more like some luxury car that a truck. When it is about visual appearance, 2017 Ford Super Chief will come with unique styling. Most interesting will be front end. We expect to see new front fascia, with unique grille, lighting etc. Overall look of the truck is expected to be much more aggressive than usual Super Duty trucks.

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