2017 Ford Ranger

Ford needs to keep pace with other companies, especially in huge market such as in truck class. There are many truck makers competing, for many buyers in the biggest market in the world. That’s why expectations are big from 2017 Ford Ranger. Design is improved, refreshed, so all fans should be satisfied. Also, Ford is keeping performance of their trucks at high level. With still enough time for further improvements, new Ranger should deliver it and become one of the most wanted vehicles in its segment.

2017 Ford Ranger front view

2017 Ford Ranger engine

Powerplant options are refreshed for 2017 Ford Ranger. So far we heard that buyers will be able to pick between two variations. Base models of new truck have 2.0-l V6 under the hood. This drivetrain is ready to deliver 240 hp and 270 lb-ft of torque. Some experts predict new Ranger can run 25 mpg combined, with excellent 30 mpg mileage for highway run. Four wheel drive is ready for all off-road adventures. Other engine also can perform well. It is 2.3-l turbocharged EcoBoost unit. Higher outputs come with this drivetrain, with 285 hp and 305 lb-ft of torque. However, mileage is trimmed because of more power, but exact numbers are not known yet.

2017 Ford Ranger side view

2017 Ford Ranger styling

Except performance, high levels of comfort and infotainment features come with 2017 Ford Ranger. Also, changes and improvements are made on exterior design. We know new truck uses more high-resistant materials, such as steel, and lightweight materials, aluminum and carbon fiber, for quality and reliability boost. Body gets some new lines, as 2017 Ranger starts new generation of the trucks. With it, aerodynamics are improved, and styling becomes more aggressive. Chrome grille, LED lights and bumpers are all revisited, and expect very nice sight. In the cabin, new equipment is installed. Comfortable seats are now more comfortable, while all passengers get more space. Safety features are checked, and now passengers are secured, since 2017 Ranger has all, from airbags, to panic alarm. Infotainment system wasn’t ignored, and truck will have all systems standard for some luxury sedans.

2017 Ford Ranger interior

2017 Ford Ranger release date

Launch date for 2017 Ford Ranger is not set yet, but all fans and experts expect the truck to arrive in 2017. First quarter of the year is the most likely period to host its dealership arrival.

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