2017 Fiat Strada

The Fiat Strada truck is not competitive in US market, where users are looking for big vehicles with high outputs, with less caring about fuel economy. That’s why the Italian company is offering its product elsewhere, and one of the main markets is Brazilian. This country will be first to present brand new 2017 Fiat Strada, as a part of big refreshment. New engines are coming, with different options, to suit almost all potential buyers. Also, fuel economy is superb, so it it one of the biggest advantages over the competition.

2017 fiat strada front view

2017 Fiat Strada engines

There will be three options offered in upcoming 2017 Fiat Strada. First, and the smallest unit is 1.4-l V8 with 85 hp and torque rate at 90 lb-ft or 12,5 kgfm. This engine will be installed in base models and its fuel economy is superb, offering over 22 mpg, or 9,5 km/l. Larger choice is 1.6-l petrol unit with 115 horsepower rating and 121 lb-ft of torque. Last one, which is taking place in top level trims is 1.8-l drivetrain. This is less economical unit, taking the most fuel, but giving the best performance. It can produce 130 hp and 19 kgfm (135 lb-ft) of torque for the new Strada. In the city, with 1.8-l unit, new truck can go just about 15 mpg, which is not excellent rate, but it gives more on the other sides.

2017 fiat strada

2017 Fiat Strada release date

After Brazilian market, new 2017 Fiat Strada will be available in dealerships of many other countries, especially in South America, where it has huge success with previous models, and in Europe. Trucks are not favorites among EU drivers, but these who used to drive one, will recognize quality and reliability in Italian vehicle.

2017 fiat strada interior

2017 Fiat Strada price

If you are fan of trucks, new 2017 Fiat Strada will make surprise with its price. With base models starting from just around $11,000, this vehicle can lure a lot of fans and drivers who can’t afford more expensive choices. Nevertheless, new Strada has upper trims with more options and higher performance, and of course, raised price. Top of the class is Adventure CD truck with 1.8-l engine, and this truck’s valuation is around $18,000.

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