2016 Shelby Raptor

As you probably known, Shelby works on Ford’s performance models for decades. You know about tuned up Mustangs, but you might not so familiar when it is about Shelby’s work on trucks. Yes, these trucks exist too. These tuned variants of the best-selling vehicle in United States are present for several years. This model appeared in 2011 and it was produced until 2014. Now when thirteenth generation of this iconic truck came, it is time for hi-performance version. It will come as 2016 Shelby Raptor and it will come with plenty of unique features. What is probably most important thing about it, there will be significantly more power.

2016 Shelby Raptor exterior and interior design

2016 Shelby Raptor front view

The 2016 Shelby Raptor will be a hi-performance truck, which will be based on the new F-150. However, it will come with plenty of unique characteristics. When it is about exterior, you will easily notice that this isn’t ordinary F-150. Most changes will come at the front. Front bumper is replaced with a tube frame, which features an opening for LED lighting. There are new, specially-designed 18-inch wheels, which come with all-terrain tires. Rear end of 2016 Shelby Raptor also comes customized. There is new bumper, new taillights, dual exhaust system etc. Beside all these modifications, it is also worth to mention that this model features Shelby’s recognizable paint job, with blue color as base and two white stripes. When it is about interior, there are also several customizations such as new seats, steering wheel, several Shelby badges around the cabin and many other unique details.

2016 Shelby Raptor rear view

2016 Shelby Raptor engine and performances

This is definitely the most interesting part of 2016 Shelby Raptor. This model comes with 6.2 liter V8 engine, which in Ford’s usual configurations comes with 411 horsepower. For this occasion, it comes tuned up for nearly 300 horses. Total output of new Shelby Raptor will be more than 700 horses and over 580 pound-feet of torque. It comes with 6-speed automatic transmission and two speed transfer case. Power will be delivered to the rear or all-wheels. It is also worth to mention that 2016 Raptor comes with upgraded suspension, electronic loking differential and many other improvements.

2016 Shelby Raptor interior

2016 Shelby Raptor release date and price

The 2016 Shelby Raptor is expected to come in next few months. Price is still unknown, but it will probably be somewhere around 90.000 dollars, according to some predictions.

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