2016 Ram Power Wagon

The 2016 Ram Power Wagon is going to be ultimate pick-up truck. This is heavy duty vehicle, made to tow a lot and work hard.  Huge engine and bold design are highlights of the new Power Wagon, but it is not going to be just hard-worker, but also stylish vehicle. There are many cool features, such as wheels, paint job, or bed, that make this truck simply superb. Competition will have tough time with new vehicle from Ram.

2016 Ram Power Wagon front view

2016 Ram Power Wagon redesign

Highlight of the 2016 Ram Power Wagon are its 20-inch alloy wheels that make appearance better. Default color is red with some grey and black details. There are also some decals placed along the bed for some more unique details. Grille is refreshed and is bolder now. Interior is not just comfortable, but it also features some great items. A 7-inch display is dominating on dashboard panel. Chrome texture is just elegant, and bold design makes new Power Wagon more aggressive. Frame and bed are made of high strength steel, but new truck is not heavier than its predecessor. This pick-up is available in three cab configurations, regular, large and mega.

2016 Ram Power Wagon interior

2016 Ram Power Wagon engine

Under the hood of the 2016 Ram Power Wagon is 5.7-l Hemi VVT V8 as default powertrain. Nevertheless, company decided to offer this truck with more options. Other engine is 6.4-l Hemi V8, and the most powerful unit is 6.7-l Cummins turbodiesel I6 engine. Depending on power you want to produce, you will pick each drivetrain, with range starting from 380 hp, up to 410 horses. Torque level is highest for Cummins engine, with monster numbers around 800 lb-ft. Finally, this truck can tow just under 14.000 pounds. Off road capability is also great with this truck.

2016 Ram Power Wagon rear view

2016 Ram Power Wagon price and release date

Finally, lowest price for base model of 2016 Ram Power Wagon with standard cab and equipment should be around $25.000. Other trims raises value over $31.000, depending on accessories and equipment picked. Finally this truck should arrive after its premiere which is planned for next New York car show in 2016.

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