2016 Ram Dakota

Ram is the most active in utility vehicle class. Their trucks are among the best in the segment, and company is improving their products for every model. So it is with 2016 Ram Dakota. This vehicle has been one of the most popular ever since its release in 1987, and it built its base of fans and drivers. This is large army, but very specific, so company must pay a lot of attention on every detail, especially since there is a lot of competition. For new model some of expectations are that truck is coming with smaller bed and luxurious cabin. Performance should be among top in the segment. Design is modern and attractive.

2016 Ram Dakota

2016 Ram Dakota styling

This pickup truck has wipes of classic design, but also new styling and attractive features, that will sort this vehicle at top of the class. First notable design solution is large chassis with four doors. Front of the 2016 Ram Dakota has modern headlights, and for new model grille is enlarged. A lot of lightweight materials have been used, such as aluminum and carbon-fiber. Truck will lose significant amount of pounds, but will keep its toughness and strength. Of course, that leads to better fuel consumption, but also acceleration. Nevertheless, the new Dakota will perform well both on- and off the path.

2016 Ram Dakota engine

New pickup truck comes with new engine options. Since company is quiet on details, some experts claim either V6 or 4-cylinder units will be installed in 2016 Ram Dakota, or both for various trim levels. Fueling capacity couldn’t be predicted due to lack of information from trusted sources. Efficiency should be boosted, if nothing else, then because of announced weight drop. Some rumors say that new Dakota will run 30 mpg, which is great for truck, but this number couldn’t be took for sure.

2016 Ram Dakota

2016 Ram Dakota release date and price

Company should speed up preparation of the 2016 Ram Dakota because selling numbers are better every time they launch new model. So, beginning of the 2016 could be the perfect timing for premiere. Price of the truck should be around $40.000, while some higher trim models could be valued closer to $60.000.

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