2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab

The 2016 Ram 3500 is a heavy duty truck, with extremely high level of torque. If massive 865 lb-ft of last model was exceptional, hold your breath, since new pickup is going higher. Now, with 900 pound-feet of torque, vehicle is ready for all kinds of loads. However, it is available in few cab configurations, and not all have the same bed size and towing capacity. The 2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab is entry level mode, available in just two trim levels, but with largest bed it can tow over 31,000 pounds, which is 2 tons more than closer competitor. Pretty exciting truck can be purchased from $33,000.

2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab

2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab – design

The 2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab is shorter than other two versions, Mega and Crew cab. It is two-door truck, while remaining options are made with 4 doors. However, Regular cab’s advantage is its bed, which is 8-feet long and largest in the lineup. Crew cab can be also purchased with this kind of bed, while Mega cab is available with only 6.4-feet cargo area. This cab configuration of heavy-duty pickup is available in only two entry-level trims, Tradesman and SLT. However, their base features can be upgraded with a lot of extra packages, such as dual rear wheels or smoker’s package that includes cigar lighter and removable ash tray.

2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab side view

2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab – engines

Drivetrain range is wide for 2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab. Base models come with 5.7-l VVT V8 Hemi unit, which is capable to produce 383 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. Maximum towing for trucks with this engine is just 13,900 lbs. This is excellent result, but since 6.7-l Cummins I6 can do over 31,000, it seems a joke for these pickups. This is a record number for vehicles in same class. This unit doesn’t stop to surprise there, since it can produce 900 lb-ft of torque. Last possible option for new Ram 3500 is a 6.4-l MDS V8 HEMI powerplant. It is between two mentioned units with 410 hp, 429 lb-ft of torque and maximum capacity of 16,500 lbs. There are three kinds of transmissions offered, and all have 6 shifts. The 2016 Ram 3500 Regular cab can be manual, automatic, or AISIN automatic, with 3.42 rear axle ratio.

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