2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas

Heavy-duty trucks from the Ram lineup are real working pickups, with huge payload capacity. On the other hand, that is not good for mileage, so companies that produce these kinds of vehicles are trying every possibility to improve mpg rate. In last five years, company implemented system for using CNG as fuel. We can again expect this truck as 2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas, since there are big savings, since price of this fuel, which is produced in US and Canada, is lower than for imported oil.

2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas front view

2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas system

The 2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas will be available only on Regular cab models, with 4×2 drive system and 5.7-l V8 drivetrain. This engine uses gasoline, by default. However, CNG models are using natural gas, but it starts with petrol fuel, and then switches to CNG. No driver input is needed. Also, when truck runs out of natural gas, it immediately switches again to gasoline. This also doesn’t need driver’s command. This system was introduced back in 2011, and ever since, Ram 2500 uses it. This version is heavier than regular model, because of double gas tank needed for CNG. The 2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas has 800 pounds more than regular model with 6.7-l HEMI V8. This system implements its own fuel rails and spark plugs. This boosts durability and combustion. Also, CNG models get new powertrain control module, so powertrain operates smooth, in either petrol, or natural gas mode.

2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas rear view

2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas mileage

This version is available with specific engine and vehicle has specific tanks for both types of fuel that have been used by 2016 Ram 2500 Natural gas. For CNG, there is 18-gallon tank. But, as we already described, this truck uses petrol for starting, of when Ram 2500 runs out of CNG. So, there is additional 8-gallon tank for gasoline. With natural gas only, this truck can run 255 miles. If you add 8 gallons of petrol, range raises to 367 miles. Main competitors of Ram 2500 that also runs on CNG, Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra 2500, are in par with this numbers.

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