2016 Nissan Navara

Pickup segment is one of the best-selling production sectors of Japanese manufacturer Nissan. Their trucks are well known for their functionality and reliability. That is why 2016 Nissan Navara is eagerly expected from all fans and enthusiasts. Still in 12th generation, this vehicle is very attractive, because of its excellent performance, but on the other hand, stylish design. Accessories were updated for new model, and many were kept. Truck for 2016 gets some new details and accents, so overall appearance is refreshed.

2016 Nissan Navara front view

2016 Nissan Navara engine

Growing market of pickup trucks is making companies put more effort to appear on market and keep on top. That is why every new model is important to Nissan, and why there is so much refreshments. Under the hood is one of the most important part. Powertrains offered for 2016 Nissan Navara are more powerful than before. First unit is diesel. A 2.5-l turbo can deliver 190 hp and 330 lb-ft of torque. There is petrol engine for everyone who doesn’t believe to diesel machines. It is 2.3-l YS23 which can produce 158 hp and 295 lb-ft of torque. Both drivetrains send their power through either 7-speed auto or 6-speed manual gearbox. By default, that power is distributed to rear wheels, but also 4×4 is available for purchase.

2016 Nissan Navara side view

2016 Nissan Navara redesign

Exterior appearance of the 2016 Nissan Navara is almost the same as for previous vehicle. Change comes in cargo room, with more space for towing. Max payload for high-end models is around 1500 pounds. However, inside we can talk about more refreshments. Cabin is very comfortable, and passengers could get impression that they are riding on SUV, rather than working truck. For drivers, there is revisited dashboard, for better visibility of its features. New controls are installed on steering wheel and all functions are easily accessible.

2016 Nissan Navara rear view

2016 Nissan Navara price and release date

Base models of the 2016 Nissan Navara could be on the market before next year. Its price depends on many things, but main is cab configuration. King cab is cheaper variant, with base price around $18,000. Double cab model of new Navara offers more options, so the gap between two models is $5,000.

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