2016 Ford Super Chief

The 2016 Ford Super Chief car was initially presented in the marketplace back in the year 2006 as basically a concept car which is based on F250 pickup. Now, nearly a decade after its’ concept 1st debut, the car has attracted lots of attention from the media and the public. The 2016 Ford Super Chief is a truck for those who prefer having more lavish trucks that have features which make driving enjoyable and easy. The interesting thing about the pickup truck is that, due to its’ revolutionary engine, it’s both eco-friendly and also powerful.

2016 Ford Super Chief
2016 Ford Super Chief design

The 2016 Ford Super Chief will include a new design, new technological achievements, current Ford company system, and lots more aspects to interest Ford car lovers, particularly the Ford fans. It’ll also feature Tri Flex Fuel system which offers much better performance. The 2016 Super Chief will surpass the designs that came with the past Ford F-series model concept cars which include; F-250 King Ranch and F-250 Super Crew. The grille and the front-end of this car was actually inspired by locomotives, making the Super Chief appear more aggressive.

2016 Ford Super Chief features

It features a well made fueling system which could utilize hydrogen, gasoline or ethanol to power it. The car combines glass, wood, and aluminum, making it an extremely powerful vehicle which looks stunningly good. In terms of entertainment, the truck will provide high quality sound speakers, hands free calling, and it also includes an 8″ touchscreen which is managed via use of the 4.2″ LCD display.

2016 Ford Super Chief side view
2016 Ford Super Chief exterior

The 2016 Ford Super Chief has a very striking exterior. When you give it a keen look at both the back and the front, you will realize that they both look very similar. Both of the sides have the Ford logo, (Super Chief), branding along with horizontal lines. It has large alloy wheels which fit and match well with the design of the car. Actually, the 2016 Ford Super Chief does seem like the Rolls Royce of the pickup trucks.

2016 Ford Super Chief engine
2016 Ford Super Chief interior

Its’ interior is simply stunning. Its’ cabin has a similar design to that of Ford King Ranch, but it does look a lot more luxurious. Some of the other interior features include; a glass ceiling, a brown leather upholstery, amazing back seats which have pillows, along with fixtures that are made of polished aluminum. The interior is actually more of a mixture of both traditional and modern style.

2016 Ford Super Chief engine

Ford designers introduced a great new supercharged V10 engine that produces 550 hp. It has top speeds of about 180 mph. The engine of 2016 Ford Super Chief also features the tri-flex fuel system which allows the user to use 3 different fuels including hydrogen, gasoline and E85 ethanol. The tri-flex fuel system basically allows the user to drive for about 500 miles with a total refuel; with supercharger being activated only when one is using hydrogen fuel system. This hydrogen system offers about 400 lb ft of torque. Transfer between the fueling options is normally performed via a switching system and it can be done while the car is running. This hydrogen based fuel system boasts about 12% more fuel efficiency as compared to the other remaining fuel options. In addition, using hydrogen provides 99% less CO2 emission than the gasoline option.

2016 Ford Super Chief engine
2016 Ford Super Chief price and release date

The pricing for the 2016 Ford Super Chief car has been set at $60, 000 to $72,000. The car is expected to be released at the end of 2016 or early 2017.


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