2016 Ford Ranger

The 2016 Ford Ranger will get a new look for upcoming model. This is one of the hopes of the Ford group, and a lot of time was invested in its development. It could be because of the selling records in 2015. Ranger is the biggest-selling model from entire family. Updated version will be even better, with various features, again available as two or four-wheel drive truck.

2016 Ford Ranger

2016 Ford Ranger redesign

There are some modifications on the new Ranger. At first sight, model is the same as its predecessor, but tiny jobs made this truck refreshed. Not only exterior, but also interior got some new equipment, which will boost comfort and overall impression. Among other systems installed in the cabin are lane-keeping and collision prevention assistance, as well as radar cruise control. Some of higher trims includes reverse-view camera, and 2016 Ford Ranger is loaded with many safety systems, not only standard, but also optional technology. The Sync 2 touchscreen system is developed by ford, and it controls most of the media inside the truck. Instrument panel was revisited, and it is now completely digital.

2016 Ford Ranger interior

2016 Ford Ranger engine

Powertrain for the 2016 Ford Ranger was carried over from previous model. It is 3.2-l five-cylinder unit that consumes diesel. However, it still can perform well, which is proven with selling records. Power developed from diesel engine is 200 hp and torque level is 350 lb-ft. Another improvement came with linear power delivery and flatter curve for torque. Drivetrain is mated to same 6-speed auto gearbox, with quick and smooth shifting. Nevertheless, the 2016 Ranger has other engine option too. It is 2.2-l petrol unit with four-cylinders. Well, petrol drivetrain has less power, delivering 285 lb-ft of torque and 160 horsepower. It uses 422 drive system, which is firmer over bumpy sections of road.

2016 Ford Ranger rear view

2016 Ford Ranger extras

New electronic power-assisted steering system is latest addition for 2016 Ford Ranger. It takes load off the engine, boosting fuel economy. This leads also to improved steering and handling, but still do not affect towing capacity. Finally, current model has hydraulic version, and now EPAS is much better.

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