2016 Ford F750

Ford is heading into 2016 with new medium-duty models of pickup trucks. Its F650 and F750 models are made for job and high towing results. However, company offers a lot of infotainment features that make work and travel easier. However, the 2016 Ford F750 is going to be very exciting model from many reasons. First of all, it will have various powertrain values, available in petrol and diesel variations, and second, its design is not disregarded. There will be also stylish details and options that could be accepted by potential buyers.

2016 Ford F750 front view

2016 Ford F750 engine

As its relative, F650, the 2016 Ford F750 will also have various powerplant options installed under the hood. Standard models come with 6.7-l Power Stroke V8. This one is available only as diesel unit. Nevertheless, petrol engine is also offered as 6.8-l V10 making other choice. It is cheaper than diesel variant. Power rating of 6.7-l V8 drivetrain starts from 270 hp, but there are also two other variations with 300 hp and up to 330 hp. Power is distributed through TorqShift six-speed transmission. With higher power comes higher torque. Entry level, 270 hp rated truck can provide 675 pounds-feet of torque, while higher trims delivers 700 and 725 lb-ft of torque.

2016 Ford F750 side view

2016 Ford F750 V10 drivetrain

Gasoline-powered 6.8-V10 is capable to deliver 320 hp and 460 pounds-feet of torque. Same gearbox transfers power to wheels, TorqShift six-speed automatic transmission. However, models of 2016 Ford F750 powered with this option have CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep Package for emissions-friendly conversion. These options are available for F650 model also. Maximum towing for this vehicle is around 33,000 pounds, while diesel models can make it up to 37.000 lbs.

2016 Ford F750 rear view

2016 Ford F750 features

Most of the features for F650 are available for 2016 Ford F750. Some worth of mention are bigger grille, with chromed or blacked surround. Fender assembly is also new with tilt-forward function. Headlights are also refreshed with dual-beam reflector halogen lamps. From other features, with new Ford F750 you get powerscope trailer, with  power telescoping and folding features.

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