2016 Ford F250 Super cab

Comparing to entry model, the 2016 Ford F250 Super cab has one trim level more. It is Lariat, which offers more power and more luxurious features. However, this cab configuration lacks two trims available for SuperCrew model. Two-door cabin and two bed lengths are coming with it. Although it cost more, trucks with these configurations tow less than entry Regular cab models. However, their advantage is comfort, interior features and two powertrain options. This one is more stylish vehicle, for truckers with more taste.

2016 Ford F250 Super cab

2016 Ford F250 Super cab – engines

Base 6.2-l 2-valve V8 is available for entry vehicles of 2016 Ford F250 Super cab. This unit is ready to produce 385 hp. It also delivers 405 lb-ft of torque. For power optimization, there are two features, single-overhead-cam design and dual-equal variable cam timing. This engine can be upgraded with CNG/Propane Gaseous Engine Prep package, that costs $315, and it helps for better conversion to compressed natural or propane gas. Other engine is V8 diesel unit with 6.7-l displacement. This power stroke drivetrain propels 440 hp and 860 lb-ft of torque. Increased power comes from larger turbocharger, which expands airflow. That means more power for towing and hauling.

2016 Ford F250 Super cab  – towing capacity and transmission

Both engines are mated to a torq-shift 6-speed automatic gearbox. Also, rear-wheel drive and all-wheel drive are available for trucks with both systems. Payload and towing capacity depends on engine, bed size and transmission. It starts from 3,000 to 3,700 pounds of load, while 2016 Ford F250 Super cab truck can tow from 12,300 lbs with 6.2-l V8 engine and 6-3/4 bed, through 12,600 lbs with same engine and 8-feet bed, up to 16,300 pounds with diesel-powered 6.7-l V8.

2016 Ford F250 Super cab interior

2016 Ford F250 Super cab – exterior

The 2016 Ford F250 Super cab pickup truck can be purchased with 142-inches or 158-inches wheelbase. Shorter vehicle has 6-3/4 feet size of bed, while longer gets extended bed with 8-feet. Lariat trim gets all features from XL and XLT levels available on all cab configurations, but also adds halogen lamps, chromed grille, fog lamps and dual-zone temperature control in the cabin. This trim is significantly more expensive than others, with starting price just under $45,000.

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