2016 Ford F150 Regular cab

The 2016 Ford F150 is out and most truckers are excited with it. Vehicle offers a lot of features, a lot of options, from engines and trim levels, to cab configurations. Total four drivetrains are offered, also 6 trims. At the end, company launched three cabs for their best pickup truck. The 2016 Ford F150 Regular cab is entry level model. Other two configurations are Super Cab and Super Crew cab. Truck with Regular cab has fewest options, but in that case, price is advantage.

2016 Ford F150 Regular cab front view

2016 Ford F150 Regular cab – engine

Entry-level cab configuration is available with base engine for entire F150 lineup. Although there are three more options, these are available for other trims. The 2016 Ford F150 Regular cab could be purchased as XL or XLT model, and both of these are propelled from 3.5-l V6 with FFV system. This powerplant is mated to electronic 6-speed gearbox. Tow and haul modes are available for better gear distribution if you need more power, or more speed. This transmission is switchable, so you can find it as manual and automatic. Further, auto gearbox has two modes, Progressive Range and Drive mode. There is no difference between two trims in towing capacity, with both pickups can load up to 5,100 pounds.

2016 Ford F150 Regular cab side view

2016 Ford F150 Regular cab – features

Accessories and equipment are pretty the same for two lower levels of 2016 Ford F150 Regular cab. The XL variant is equipped with manual air conditioning, meters for fuel, speed, odometer and tachometer, fading cabin lightning. Manual door locks and manual tilt/telescoping are available also. The XLT trim adds BoxLink feature, voice-activated SYNC technology and many more. Outside, black bumpers and stone cuffs are standard. Lower level vehicle has 3-bar grille, while XLT has chrome grille. Halogen headlamps and daytime running lights are standard, while higher trim offers fog lights.

2016 Ford F150 Regular cab rear view

2016 Ford F150 Regular cab – price

Base model of 2016 Ford F150 Regular cab, as XL trim can be purchased for $26,000 at best price, without any additional packages. The XLT trim is loaded with more options, so price difference of $5,000 is not surprise. However, these trims with other cab configurations has different price.

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