2016 Dodge Dakota

One of the most famous trucks is Dakota. Although sometimes it was part of the Ram lineup, new vehicle comes as 2016 Dodge Dakota. Latest generation of the truck used body-on-frame platform, and it is likely to be continues with new model. Although there were some rumors about quitting the production of the truck, Dodge and Mitsubishi decided to cooperate and give another shot to famous light-duty truck, which will be released as vehicle of new generation.

2016 Dodge Dakota front view

2016 Dodge Dakota redesign

All around the truck changes are visible. Outside and inside, vehicle is refreshed. Designers did not saved on interior features, so it could be said easily that 2016 Dodge Dakota is in par with some sedans and other cars. Various equipment were installed inside, so it is rich and packed with latest features. Outside, Dakota got a new look. It will be recognizable, but many new lines and curves refreshed its look. Grille and headlights are new, and hood and top makes appearance of the 2016 Dodge Dakota unique. Cooperation with Mitsubishi is going to be mostly visible on the back. We expect their designer to offer solution for rear end of the truck.

2016 Dodge Dakota interior

2016 Dodge Dakota powertrain

Dodge and Mitsubishi joined their forces mostly because the powerplants. Best of the both companies should produce better run for 2016 Dodge Dakota. We expect Mitsubishi to borrow their 2.0-l four cylinder with 180 hp. Output is not too high, but still acceptable for most truckers. Its advantage should be fuel efficiency. However, higher trims will offer stronger engines. Dodge prepared 2.4-l turbocharged unit, which is ready to deliver 250 hp. Diesel engine is also an option, with 2.8-l I-4 powerplant capable to produce 160 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque. Power is sent through either 5-speed automatic or 6-speed manual transmission, to rear wheels by default, while 4-wheel drive is also available.

2016 Dodge Dakota rear view

2016 Dodge Dakota release date and price

While release of the new Dakota is predictable, price couldn’t be guessed so easily. There has been five years since last model was launched, and there are many thoughts about its valuation. It also depends on number and types of features in the 2016 Dodge Dakota. However, truck should come out in first half of 2016 and then we will see what it brings and how much this model costs.

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